[zorp] FtpProxyAnonRO LIST

Phil Moors pmoors at ncric.com
Wed Jun 8 00:43:29 CEST 2005


I'm trying to get the FtpProxyAnonRO class to also allow the LIST
command so an 'ls' can be issued by the client. I added the following
line to Ftp.py in the FtpProxyAnonRO class:

	self.request["LIST"] = (FTP_REQ_ACCEPT)

I also applied iptables rules to allow ports 40000:41000 between the

Ethereal shows that the LIST command never arrives from a client going
through the firewall. A "Connection refused" error is returned to the
client. Clients not going through the firewall work.

What am I missing?

GPL version
Zorp 2.1.8

TIA, Phil

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