[zorp] iptables configuration for zorp alg

Tillmann Werner zorp@lists.balabit.hu
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 13:35:48 +0100 (MET)


I am new to this list and zorp as well. I am just playing around with zorp
in a user mode linux environment and need some help with iptables

There is one http zorp proxy configured right now. The system and zorp is
running fine, but I get some loops when trying to connect to a web server
through the zorp machine.

I need to redirect connections coming in on my internal interface on, say,
port 80/tcp to zorp (i.e. port 50080/tcp) and tproxy them to servers in the
internet, reachabel via an external interface. Redirection works, tproxying
as well, but iptables seems to redirect the connection established by zorp
back to the proxy.

Is there any configuration example or documentation for such a setup? I know
the tutorial on the zorp gpl web page, but could not get any help for my
problems out of it, maybe because of lack of detailed iptables knowledge.

I currently have no access to my configuration, but I can post details
later, if needed.

I'd really appreciate any help, thanks in advance!


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