[zorp] Urgent Help required on Zorp - TPRoxy - Transparent Proxy

TEJAS VORA zorp@lists.balabit.hu
Thu, 18 Nov 2004 17:12:00 -0800


We as a company are developing a product which is a gateway product
and seats between client and servers.

As a product requirement - we are running bridge mode on this machine.
The other requirements are

1. Providing transparent proxy support for FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TELNET,
SSH, POP3, NNTP, SMTP protocols.

2. The Gateay machine (proxy runnin gon gateway machine) should not
change the Source IP address - as Servers are doing IP authentication

3. Caching for FTP and HTTP.

As a part of this development - I am currently Testing TProxy and Zorp
for our product. But I am not able to set it up. As a part of this I
have couple of questions. Hope you will answer them asap.

1. If I use Zop/TProxy - do I need to use squid/jftpgw/frox for
providing transparent proxy support or zorp can do that?

2. Is Zorp pro available as a software or OS - becuase we would like
to have redhat linux 7.3 as OS on gateway machine.

3. How to implement Zorp/Tproxy - so that I can configure it for
transparent proxy - such that it does not change source ip address?

4. In future - if we want to support any new protocols - can we do that?

5. Basic and main thing is - how to setup zorp and tproxy so that it
provides transparent proxy for ftp,http and other protocols and it
does not change Source IP address?

5. Can I have caching support woth zorp?

5. We are very much interested in buying Zorp if we test it with all
our requirements fulfiiled. What would be the better person to talk
with for purchasing?

I hope you will answer my questions asap - so I can test zorp asap and
our company can make a decision for buying zorp.

Thank You,

Yours Sincerely,
Tejas Vora
IST Center, CA, USA