[zorp] Zorp starting error

Ibrahim Cherri Ibrahim.Cherri@itworx.com
Mon, 22 Oct 2001 14:43:19 +0200


	After installing zorp on a redhat Linux machine, I edited
policy.py and invoked "zorpctl start", i always get the following error.

>Traceback (innermost last):
>File "/etc/zorp/policy.py", line 53, in ?
>  inbound_services=["*"]),
>File "/usr/local/zorp/share/zorp/pylib/Zorp/Zone.py", line 548, in
>  Zone.__init__(self, name, addr, inbound_services, outbound_services,
admin_parent, umbrella, InetDomain)
>File "/usr/local/zorp/share/zorp/pylib/Zorp/Zone.py", line 432, in
>  self.address = domain(addr)
>File "/usr/local/zorp/share/zorp/pylib/Zorp/Domain.py", line 117, in
>  self.ip = inet_aton(parts[0]) & self.mask
>TypeError: bad operand type(s) for &
>(noname/nosession): Error opening policy file /etc/zorp/policy.py
>zorp version 0.8.8 going down.

	I wonder if this had to do anything with the python interpreter,
and how can I fix it.