[zorp-hu] HTTP POST response_stack modositas request_stack analizalas utan, AnyPy proxy-val

Viktor Tuska v.tuska at con.hu
2009. Jún. 25., Cs, 13:39:24 CEST


lehetseges valahogyan HTTP POST metodus-nal response_stack AnyPy tipusu 
proxy-nak adatokat atadni a request_stack analizalasa utan?

Mas szoval: a POST-ban erkezo kerestol fuggoen kellene valaszt 
generalnom a kliensnek.
A POST-ban erkezo adat elore nem meghatarozhato, barmi lehet.

A gondom (ha jol latom,) hogy a request_stack altal a self.session-t 
irva, a response_stack mar nem "latja" a self.session-on elvegzett 

Itt taltam erre vonatkozo tippet:


Now as I think of it, there's another possibility, which is somewhat simpler. 
The HTTP proxy is capable of reading the entire POST data before connecting to the 
server at all and storing it in a blob (more about blobs later). In this case the 
entire request together with the POST payload is fetched into memory, and 
after filtering it is sent to the server.

This code path is activated if you set "self.rerequest_attempts" to something greater 
than zero. So if you set rerequest_attempts, your stacked proxy will start earlier 
than the server side connection is established.


Probalgattam ezt a sefl.rerequest_attempts=1-re allitani, de nem sok 
sikert ertem el vele.
Ilyenkor mar bele sem fut a feldolgozas az altalam beallitott 
response_stack proxy-ba.

Zorp version:
Zorp 3.3.4
Compile-Date: Jun  4 2009 14:17:43
Config-Date: 2009/06/04
Trace: off
Debug: off
IPOptions: off
IPFilter-Tproxy: off
Netfilter-Tproxy: on
Linux22-Tproxy: off

Revision: devel at balabit.hu--zorp-1/zorp-lib--mainline--3.3--patch-70
Compile-Date: May 27 2009 10:43:44
Trace: off
MemTrace: off
Caps: on
Debug: off
StackDump: off

Compile-Date: May 27 2009 10:45:14
Trace: on
Debug: on


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