[tproxy] very good news

Nicolas Royo nicolasroyo at yahoo.com
Sat May 6 13:36:44 UTC 2017

Hey friend, 

I've  got good news for you,  you'll be surprised))  Please, read more  about it  here http://aitd.goldinvesting.tips

Nicolas Royo

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Er, so  I just edited my contest  post YET AGAIN  -- to request  that everyone  who enters should add the  color/brand of the lipstain that  they would like to receive. 

I know it might take you a while to pick which one you  like best, but if you could add that to your  post  any time before the contest end  date that would be  great!

I  feel like such a noob, editing my Contest  post  1,000,000 times, haha.

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