[tproxy] proxy app and server app on the same host (SOLVED)

U.Mutlu for-forums at mutluit.com
Thu Jan 22 13:28:17 CET 2015

Important addendum:

The below described tproxy-solution on single host works only
if the bridge is created with the brctl tool and brought up
with the tool ifconfig (for example in /etc/rc.local):
   brctl addbr br0
   ifconfig br0 up

It does not work if instead the bridge is created in /etc/network/interfaces !

I don't know whom to blame for this issue, is it an issue of 
netfilter/iptables or the kernel?


U.Mutlu wrote, On 01/21/2015 05:19 PM:
> Problem solved:
> I finally managed to get both the proxy-app and server-app
> run on the same host by placing the server app into
> a linux container (LXC) on the same host and using
> a bridge (br0) for the container(s).

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