[tproxy] proxy app and server app on the same host (SOLVED)

U.Mutlu for-forums at mutluit.com
Wed Jan 21 17:19:23 CET 2015

Problem solved:

I finally managed to get both the proxy-app and server-app
run on the same host by placing the server app into
a linux container (LXC) on the same host and using
a bridge (br0) for the container(s).

The server-app (currently a test app) sends this msg:
  hello to client from server via proxy

Previously the host had the IP, then I experimented with
public IPs behind NAT :-), so since now the works I'll let it so.
This IP belongs to someone else in Australia, but it IMHO doesn't matter 
because I'm using it inhouse behind NAT... :-) for testing only.

The is one of my own public IPs (mutluit.net). The test client 
sits there.

If I find time I'll repeat the test with the 192.168 adress, but not now... :-)
Phew.. this was a prohibitly hard & expensive job... took me about a week to 
finally come to this f..ing solution... :-)


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