[tproxy] problem with Hotmail and Facebook

Carlos Botejara cbotejara at argentina.com
Mon Aug 23 23:56:57 CEST 2010

I comment a bit my scenario
I suando fedora core 11, LUSCA_HEAD-r14733 squid, dnsmasq
the server is serving about 800 users, with a bandwidth of 60 MB.
This server works in bridge mode with PUBLIC IP.
The problem is that since the first days of August, I received complaints from users who can not enter HOTMAIL then validate your data, I mean that HOTMAIL cover charge, but when you validate the data, the connection and left hanging after a few minutes an error that says Connection reset by peer.
And with Facebook, but can access the site, validate and review messages / photos, etc, is never loaded the list of online contacts, therefore the user can not chat.
Not so with the pages of banks, or gmail, they have their chat embedded in the site. I make this clarification because any of the above sites, work with HTTPS.

Reading this forum, make a tag mension within the SERVER_HTTP11 squid is ON. Place this option in my squid.conf, but got no positive results.

has happened to someone? any ideas?.

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