[tproxy] Latest tproxy patch for kernel, iptables and squid

Eduardo Schoedler eschoedler at viavale.com.br
Fri Nov 28 20:46:27 CET 2008

Hi list.

I'm installing a box with linux with squid and I'm a little bit confuse.
First of all, sorry my bad english... I'm brazilian. =)

I need to now where I can found the latest version for:
- kernel 2.6.27 (or can I use kernel 2.8.x ?);
- iptables 1.4.2;
- squid.

I have some questions:

- Which kernel is better to use in a production box? 2.6.27 or 2.6.28 ?
- Which squid is better to use in a production box? 2.7 or 3.0 ?
- Where I can found a documentation to install and configure tproxy patches?

Thanks in advance!

Eduardo Schoedler. 

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