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Rosauro - RLINE rosauro at rline.com.br
Wed Mar 12 17:46:20 CET 2008


Need help to put the wheel with the TPROXY Squid 2.6, and that has 
repasse of ip's worth of customers to the Internet.

I am using Kernel, installed the patch of TPROXY 4, which is 
composed of 13 patches. Recompiled the kernel, applied the patch in the 
iptables 1.3.8 and also applied the patch in Squid 2.6.18.

The modules manually uploaded the way
Modprobe ipt_TPROXY
Modprobe iptable_tproxy

My squid.conf set the http_port 3128 tproxy transparent

But the rules of iptables, which comes with the README TPROXY, not work, 
the first rule seems to be wrong and the second not the mistake, but not 

The rules of the readme are these:
Iptables-t nat-A PREROUTING-j DNAT - to-dest <localip> - to-port 3128

Iptables-t tproxy-A PREROUTING-j TPROXY - on-port 3128

Also tested with this:
Iptables-t tproxy-A PREROUTING-p tcp - dport 80-j TPROXY - on-port 3128
In this case, the packages are accounted for in this rule, but not ai 
the traffic passing through proxy.

Someone could give me a hint of where this the problem?


Rosauro Baretta

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