[tproxy] openSUSE 10.3 + squid + tproxy

Tom P Yohe tyohe at stampede.com
Wed Mar 12 02:14:07 CET 2008

I am working on applying the tproxy4 patches to a 2.6.25rc4 kernel that i 
downloaded from openSuse.

I have run into a few snags. 3 of the patches did not take correctly and 
required minor adjustment.

Following this, I was surprised that the function prototype for 
udp.c/__udp4_lib_lookup() now requires a "net *" as a first parameter 
however this parameter is not passed to its close cousin that calls it  - 
udp4_lib_lookup().  which is called by netfilter\nf_tproxy_core.c: 

so as soon as i sort this all out, i will let you know. how i resolve 

Adi Nugroho <adi at internux.co.id> 
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[tproxy] openSUSE 10.3 + squid + tproxy

Dear all,

I tried to instal openSUSE 10.3 + squid + tproxy, but don't know how to 

Is there a howto/tutorial how to set up squid in openSUSE 10.3 with 

Or is there a precompiled kernel, iptables and squid with tproxy for 

Thank you in advance.


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