[tproxy] Merging tproxy patch to standard kernel ?

Yoshioka Tsuneo tsuneo.yoshioka at f-secure.com
Tue Jul 22 03:12:05 CEST 2008

Hello KOVACS Krisztia-san

Thank you very much for your kindly information !

Well, I would like to know what is the ICMP issue.
Is the ICMP issue affect when tproxy is used for TCP to keep source IP
addresses for transparent HTTP(or other TCP) proxy, or not ?
If not, I think the issue is not serious from my point of view...
And, is the issue happen only on tproxy4.1, or happens both on tproxy2
and tproxy4 ?

Thank you !

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> Hi,
> On p, júl 18, 2008 at 11:15:38 +0900, Yoshioka Tsuneo wrote:
> > It is often required to keeping source address on proxy, and tproxy
> > seems be almost only one solution.
> > Now, it seems be very nice if tproxy patch is merged to standard kernel.
> > 
> > Is there any plan to merge tproxy to standard kernel ?
> Well, that's always been the plan. However, we're still not in a position
> to ask for merging -- there are still serious issues with the current
> patch (handling of related ICMP traffic).
> We hope to be able to address this issues but progress has been very-very
> slow recently...
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> KOVACS Krisztian
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