[tproxy] Squid3 + Tproxy

Jérôme Santini listes at santini.org
Fri Jul 4 10:20:17 CEST 2008


 >> When I try to run the squid with the option: http_port 3128 tproxy,
 >> gives error in the squid.

 >Please use --enable-linux-netfilter...
 >The enable-linux-tproxy4 was an intermediate option, finally it was
 >removed and its functionality merged into enable-linux-netfilter.


I am a bit confused about the various versions of the tproxy patch and squid

I am now using squid 3.0.STABLE6 and linux kernel 2.6.24 as packaged for the 
next version of debian, lenny.

Is this version of squid supposed to already include the tproxy patch when 
compiled with enable-linux-netfilter ? (it seemed not to me)
and if not, which is the version where the enable-linux-netfilter started to 
include the tproxy functionnality ?

is there a patch I could apply to the 3.0.STABLE6 integrated in debian lenny ?


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