[tproxy] Problem with Tproxy more kernel

Laszlo Attila Toth panther at balabit.hu
Thu Jan 10 10:49:49 CET 2008

Welisson Thiago das Merces Tome wrote:
 > Hi all
 > I would like  help of you.
 > Somebody here compile the version kernel <>,
 > iptables-1.3.8 and squid 2.6STABLE17.
 > Which was patch applied in iptables-1.3.8 iptables-svn.diff or
 > iptables-1.3.8.diff. It would like to also know if the Tproxy is


iptables-1.3.8.diff for iptables v1.3.8 of course.
iptables-svn.diff was for the development version of iptables (in 
subversion) in September 2007.


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