[tproxy] squid+tproxy working with slow connection rate (plaintext)

Auto auto at gromnet.net
Tue Feb 26 16:01:50 CET 2008

I have squid 2.6.STABLE17 with tproxy compiled in, linux kernel ( is properly patched with tproxy.
Tproxy is working fine and it's spoofing the ip addressed correctly, but there's very strange new connection limit.
When i run squid in transparent mode (without tproxy) i got 400-500 conn/sec with httperf and default parms, but with tproxy option i got about 9 conn/sec.
Here's the output:
httperf --client=0/1 --server= --port=65432 --uri=/ --send-buffer=4096 --recv-buffer=16384 --num-conns=1 --num-calls=1
Maximum connect burst length: 0
Total: connections 1 requests 1 replies 1 test-duration 0.110 s
Connection rate: 9.1 conn/s (110.2 ms/conn, <=1 concurrent connections)
Connection time [ms]: min 110.2 avg 110.2 max 110.2 median 110.5 stddev 0.0
Connection time [ms]: connect 1.8
Connection length [replies/conn]: 1.000
Even on localhost when i get about 4000 conn/sec i got only 9 with tproxy option.
Is there something that limits the number of new connections and delays SYN ?

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