[tproxy] tproxy target implementation problem on kernel-2.6.22

kudiejlq kudiejlq at 126.com
Thu Dec 18 10:56:52 CET 2008

hi, I have being modified linux-kernel-2.6.22 to support the function as tproxy dose to linux-kernel-2.6.24 these week.
And now, the socket match can work well, while the TPROXY target meet some problems. kernel's panic info was shown in the slave file picture. iptables rule was as bellow:
iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 1080 -j TPROXY --on-port 2080
As you see, I didn't specify the --tproxy-mark option, that's say the kernel panic info were produced during find the target listenning socket.

when recv a remote syn pkt preduced by command telnet 1080, tproxy kernel die.

Any suggestions to solve this problem, thank you! 

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