[tproxy] Redirect to proxy via TPROXY target didn't work.

Mohamed Badri mohamed at sysnode.net
Thu Nov 8 20:52:21 CET 2007


I'm running Linux 2.6.22, Iptables 1.3.8, with Tproxy 4.0.3 patches

I've added the following rules in iptables :

iptables -t tproxy -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j TPROXY
--on-port 50080
iptables -t tproxy -A PREROUTING -i eth1 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j TPROXY
--on-port 50080

but nothing happens, connexions to port 80 are not redirected to local port

Can I use NETMAP target in nat table while using tproxy ?
Did I miss something ?

thank you.
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