[tproxy] cttproxy question: what is ip_tproxy_confirmed () for ?

Sergei Lavrov lavrov2005 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 23 13:40:44 CET 2007

What is the following function for ?

static void
ip_tproxy_confirmed(struct ip_conntrack *ct)
        struct ip_tproxy_sockref *sr = (struct
ip_tproxy_sockref *)ct->tproxy.sockref;

        /* check if it was marked by tproxy and not
yet a related sockref */
        if (test_bit(IPS_TPROXY_BIT, &ct->status) &&
&ct->status) &&
            sr) {
                ct->tproxy.sockref = NULL;

                /* put it on the sockref's related
list */
                if (sr->proto == IPPROTO_UDP)

                /* drop reference to sockref */

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