[tproxy] sockref leak problem

Daniel tooldcas at 163.com
Sun Jun 10 14:25:33 CEST 2007


Recently I tested tproxy with Avanlanche (about 800M/s stress) and some result below:

1. deadlock when ip_conntrack_ftp loaded. Plz see my last post and explaination from Balazs Scheidler.
2. I tested again without nat_reservation(deadlock disappeared). After 10 hours' stress test, kernel kept giving out exactly the same messages repeatedly:

IP_TPROXY: socket already assigned, reuse=1, 0a0ba8c0:4c86, sr->faddr=e80ba8c0:0000, flags=10000, sr->tv_hashed=1181425010:475244912

My questions:
  Is this sockref leaked?
  and, what is the situation when a sockref is leaked?



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