[tproxy] Patching iptables via apt-build

Matt Miller tproxy at mattmillersf.fastmail.fm
Tue Feb 27 17:41:20 CET 2007

Under debian etch I'm trying to patch iptables using the debian tool
apt-build.  I'm using the "--patch" option of apt-build to get the tproxy
patch included, and it looks like the source tree is being patched.  The
problem at this point seems to be that the resulting .deb package
doesn't know that the new libipt_TPROXY.so library is supposed to be
part of the package after the patch.  I haven't yet tried to just get the
iptables source from netfilter.org and patch the standard tree, because
I'd really prefer to stay in the debian world to do all this.

Can anyone provide instructions or hints for easily building a .deb of
iptables that includes the tproxy patch?  I'm not necessarily committed
to using apt-build, but that tool's "--patch" option did seem to be the
easiest approach.  I am open to other approaches.

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