[tproxy] tproxy4 and bridge

Cameron Schaus cam at schaus.ca
Tue Aug 21 23:23:09 CEST 2007

I have managed to resolve the problems that prevented trpoxy4 from 
working on a bridged interface.  There were 2 issues:
a) bridge netfilter code was clobbering the skb->dst added by tproxy 
b) changed bridge ingress packet handling routing to inspect 
skb->ip_tproxy flag, and if set, change dest mac to that of bridge and 
set skb->pkt_type to PACKET_HOST

With these changes, the foreign-connect and foreign-listen test programs 
are working correctly.  I'll post patches against the bridge code once 
I've validated the changes I've made -- there are a couple of things I'm 
still not sure about.

However, I have once concern with tproxy4 and what I'm ultimately trying 
to accomplish.  Here is the setup:

Proxy application bound to a bridge interface (, port 
8180).  Traffic destined to port 80 is redirected to the bridge IP, port 
8180 with iptables.

So, if a client,, connects to a server, (all 
the traffic passes through the proxy bridge), the proxy application will 
 - create a socket
 - setsockopt(sock, IP_FREEBIND)
 - connect(SERVER_IP, port 80)

However, the connect does not work.  Syn packets are sent from the 
bridge to the server, the server responds with Syn-Ack, but the Syn-Ack 
packet triggers an ip_rt_bug message:
ip_rt_bug: ->, ?

Firstly, is it possible to do what I am trying to do with tproxy4?

I suspect that there may be some confusion when the routing code tries 
to lookup the socket, since it is using the source IP, dest IP and 
interface to find the socket in the hash.  Won't the client and server 
socket look similar in this regard?  How would the routing code know 
which of the 2 sockets an incoming packet is destined for, since all 
packets arrive on the bridge interface?


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