[tproxy] Merging tproxy patch to official netfilter/kernel release ?

Yoshioka Tsuneo tsuneo.yoshioka at f-secure.com
Mon Oct 16 10:37:28 CEST 2006


TProxy patch is very convenience patch to make transparent proxy keeping
source IP address. I think that tproxy is almost only solution to keep
source IP address, at now.

So, I hope that tproxy patch is included to the official
netfilter/kernel release.

I have asked to include tproxy to official netfilter/kernel release.
But, they want that developer submit the patch like following.

How do you think about merging tproxy patch to official netfilter/kernel
release ?
And, can you submit the patch to netfilter team, if possible ?

Thank you !

Nihon F-Secure Corporation
(Yoshioka Tsuneo)
E-MAIL: Tsuneo.Yoshioka at f-secure.com

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