[tproxy] Questions about tProxy

rodrigo.santos at quantiza.com rodrigo.santos at quantiza.com
Thu Jan 12 13:43:32 CET 2006

Hi all,

It's my first contact with the list and would like to know if somebody 
can help me:

I am needing a machine that works as squid transparent, where it I make 
all the one functions squid common, but that the solicitations leave 
with origin address IP of the internal customer.

I found tProxy in the Net, and would like to know if somebody can help 
me in some questions:

- tProxy necessarily needs to use the Zorp or it it works with the 
IPTables (since the Zorp has some rules based in the IPTables)?
- what I need to install to have a functional machine of the form as I I 
cited previously?
- it exists some good HOWTO about the tProxy installation (that is not 
the README of the product)?

Thanks for all,


Rodrigo Santos

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