[tproxy] TProxy version 2.0.4 released

KOVACS Krisztian hidden at balabit.hu
Fri Feb 10 13:27:46 CET 2006


  TProxy version 2.0.4 has been released for Linux 2.4.32 and Linux

  This release fixes a serious sockref corruption problem possibly leading 
to kernel oopses when sending broadcast packets with fake source address.
  The release tarballs are available here:


  MD5 checksums of the release tarballs:

  5ffaf405beb1abedf5566def28443130  cttproxy-2.4.32-2.0.4.tar.gz
  d8dd1edda3b1e50ff7b795bc5521274c  cttproxy-2.6.15-2.0.4.tar.gz

  The 2.6.15 patch is _not_ compatible with Linux 2.6.16-rc (release 
candidate) kernels, working with those will need further modifications.

  Krisztian Kovacs

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