[tproxy] connection go to CLOSE_WAIT after sending FIN

Eyal Rundstein EyalR at Radware.com
Mon Dec 11 12:39:26 CET 2006

I am using kernel 2.4.32 with tproxy version 2.0.2.
My client is a transparent proxy.
My client opens a transparent connection to the server, sends a message
and then closes the connection with FIN. The server replies with an ACK,
WITHOUT sending a FIN.
Now I see that the connection stays in the ip_conntrack table in
CLOSE_WAIT state. During that time I can not reuse the connection. (SYNs
to the same dest are not sent).
1) Isn't the correct behavior for that connection is to go to FIN_WAIT_2
state? Is it a bug?
2) The CLOSE_WAIT timeout is 500 seconds. Is there a way I can still
open a new connection to the same destination?
- When I use an older kernel (2.4.18) with old tproxy (version 23) I
don't see this problem.
Help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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