[tproxy] Tproxy with --on-port-80 error

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at linux01.gwdg.de
Mon Aug 7 22:50:02 CEST 2006

>Thanks Jan.
>I was able to apply the iptables command after that.
>Am trying to use tproxy with squid. But it seems that whenever I try to
>run both tproxy and squid together, the traffic from my router is not

When using squid, you must set the "tcp_outgoing_address" to some ip 
address. I can't really tell which one works or which ones don't, fact is
- with the bridge address, it works
- with the address en route upstream, it should work
- with, it should not work (I guess)
- any other I have not tried

En route upstream means:

default gw

Then the en-route upstream address is the one on eth0. It might work with too, you gotta try.

>being forwarded to the cache server.
>But after rebooting the system and not applying tproxy everything works

Jan Engelhardt

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