[tproxy] 2.6.12 patch on 2.6.11 kernel

Tudor Alexandru Dragos soogard at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 2 00:02:26 CET 2005

I have applied the tproxy 2.6.12-2.0.2. patch on 
2.6.11-hardened-r15 (Gentoo SElinux default kernel).
The patch applied almost clean
 I have to fix some
Make files but no other major problem. When the kernel
is compiled with SMP support the kernel freeze when
the –j TPROXY rule is hit by any package 
more exactly
is crash on a writelock. 
The last line is executed is in ip_nat_core.c

        if (have_to_hash) {
                unsigned int srchash
                WRITE_LOCK(&ip_nat_lock); <-- here is

I have tried the compiling the kernel without SMP and
is almost working 
 I get some kernel panic even with
no tproxy rule at all But I didn’t have time to

Anybody manage to apply the patch on 2.6.11 kernel ? 

I have spent a lot of time applying a lot of patched
on this kernel (I intended to use it in a extremely
experimental network) so I am not too happy to change
it because until now I never have problems with it. Do
I have any chance to make it work or should I use a
clean vanilla kernel sources. 
Sorry if is sound’s kind of stupid applying a patch
for kernel 2.6.12 on a 2.6.11 that is already
extremely blotted with other patches. 
P.S: The problems manifests even with the stock
hardened Gentoo kernel with no others patched but the
one from the portage. (Not in enforce mode) 

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