[tproxy] Kernel upgrade

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at linux01.gwdg.de
Thu Jun 16 16:10:12 CEST 2005


|NAT reservations are completely optional for TProxy - although
|applying the tproxy patch itself probably won't go with the current
|patch. But since you can safely disable NAT reservation support in your
|kernel config and still have tproxy enabled, it's certainly possible to
|create a tproxy patch which does not depend on NAT reservations at all.
|At the moment I don't have the time necessary to update NAT
|reservations for 2.6.11 (sorry, not my decision), but as I've already
|mentioned if you only need tproxy then it could even work without NAT
|reservation support.

Well, I do not want to push, but I'd need it someday. :)

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