[tproxy] squid+tproxy+bridge for transparent proxying

Eskay Lee eskay@ektechnology.com
Fri, 14 Jan 2005 12:13:11 +0900


I setup linux+bridge+squid+tproxy to see the client IP address on Web
As the manuals, I configured all the patches and parameters.
In squid.conf, I did "linux_tproxy on" but  I don't know how to set
"tcp_outgoing _address".
My squid box is a just bridge not Gateway.
Please let me know How to set "tcp_outgoing_address" on bridge mode.
Also I put the one IP address, i.e, 10..1.1.100 as tcp_outgoing_address, web
server is

Then If I browse the URL on Web server, I got the error like followings:
   The requested URL could not be retrieved
        . Socket Failure
         (99) Cannot assign requested address

How can I solve this problem?

Also Can I use some gzip compression mode on Squid ?

Expecting your kind response..

Eskay Lee