[tproxy] Performance problem of tproxy

Siming Li siming228@yahoo.com
Wed, 2 Feb 2005 08:11:46 -0800 (PST)

Dear all,

I test the performance of TPROXY (cttproxy-2.4.20-14)
on a dual XEON, Giga-bit machine. The environment
setting is:

Client <-------> Proxy <---------> Server

#1: With TPROXY, fully transparent (both to client and
to server)
#2: Without TPROXY, no transparency, client connects
to proxy directly.
#3: With iptables built-in REDIRECT, Half transparent
(to client only)
#4: With TPROXY, Half transparent (to client only)

The results are:

#1: 184 Mbits/s
#2: 671 Mbits/s
#3: 554 Mbits/s
#4: 551 Mbits/s

>From #2 and #4, the overhead of one NAT is 120

#1 (fully transparency) is too bad....It should be
around 430 Mbits (671 - 120 * 2 since two NATs )

Does anyone know why the performance drops so
drastically when using fully-transparency???

Eric Li

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