[tproxy] Reg installing tproxy

Mohammed Riyaz p_mdriyaz@fastmail.fm
Fri, 01 Apr 2005 14:18:03 +0530


I was looking through the trpoxy read me file and came across 

To apply all patches except the 04-nat_delete:
      cd /usr/src/linux
      for i in <pathtocttproxy>/patch_tree/0{0,1,2,3}*.diff; do cat $i |
      patch -p1; done
   then enable conntrack, nat and tproxy support in your kernel config. 

i looked through the .config file but could not find either of these
three (conntrack, nat and tproxy). Could you please tell me what the
above statement means.

I am trying to setup squid transparent to both the server and client.

Thank you,
Mohammed Riyaz P.