[tproxy] TProxy version 1.2.1 released

KOVACS Krisztian hidden@balabit.hu
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 13:08:47 +0200

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  After more than six months, a new stable version of TProxy has been
released today. In the last few months a couple of problems were found
in TProxy 1.2.0, some of them requiring substantial changes to the code.
This is why the test version was released earlier this month.
After doing some testing, we think that it is ready for production use.

  The most important changes in the new release:

      * introduction of shared sockrefs for mark-only entries, this
        fixes the "clashing entries" problem which occured in special
        cases of operation

      * new method for maintaining the per-sockref related connections
        list, now connections are added only at confirmation-time

      * fix order of registration of hooks and the 'tproxy' table, when
        the iptable_tproxy module was loaded on high traffic sites, it
        could oops

  None of these changes cause binary incompatibility, the userspace
interface is completely the same as that of 1.2.0. Tarballs for Linux
version 2.4.25 and 2.4.26 are available on our website:


  MD5 checksums of the files:

ea9cf2c2efe77f658f512d71e3ffc481  cttproxy-2.4.25-1.2.1.tar.gz
d8977620a1903c04d2f297a90fcf3709  cttproxy-2.4.26-1.2.1.tar.gz

   Krisztian KOVACS

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