[tproxy] stunnel -T (transparency mode)

Brad Langhorst brad@langhorst.com
Fri, 30 May 2003 03:15:24 -0400

I've patched my kernel (debian 2.4.20 pkg)
with your latest tproxy patch.
and have inserted your iptable_tproxy module 

iptable_tproxy          9760   0  (unused)
iptable_nat            15800   0  [iptable_tproxy]
ip_tables              11896   4  [iptable_tproxy iptable_nat]
ip_conntrack           19016   1  [iptable_tproxy iptable_nat]

I'm now trying to get my stunnel wrapped imapd to report remote ip addresses 
in the log file.

stunnel with the -T switch is supposed to try to listen on a foreign IP 
address - but i still see 
May 30 03:14:18 strange imapd[1207]: login: strange[] bwlang 
in my mail.log  instead of the that i should see.

Do all have any suggestion for making this work or debugging the problem?
I think I do not have to set up any sort of iptables rule - is that correct?