[syslog-ng] Please Help! Syslog-ng Not Putting Logs in Destination

Attila Szakács attila.szakacs at axoflow.com
Mon Jan 15 15:12:19 UTC 2024

There is a selinux policy setup script in the syslog-ng repository, you
might want to look at that to find some ideas.
I have seen that some ports are getting enabled by the script with the
semanage command, maybe this is what you are missing:


On Mon, Jan 15, 2024 at 4:07 PM Attila Szakács <attila.szakacs at axoflow.com>

> Hello Sumanta!
> Your config looks good.
> The log about the statistics show that there are no incoming messages on
> 514 UDP and nothing is written to the files defined in the d_splunk
> destination.
> I think you could try to narrow down the scope of the problem with the
> following ideas.
> Try to send a message locally to 514 with:
>   echo "foo bar" | nc -u -w0 localhost 514
> If it does not work, I would suggest to change the receiving port of the
> network() source to something larger, like port(12345), and trying again
> with the following, just to see if the problem only occurs for the 514 port:
>   echo "foo bar" | nc -u -w0 localhost 12345
> You should see these kind of logs:
> [2024-01-15T15:58:46.037255] Incoming log entry; input='foo bar\x0a',
> msg='0x7f9bb0003020', rcptid='297'
> ...
> [2024-01-15T15:58:46.037655] Initializing destination file writer;
> template='......', filename='......', symlink_as='(null)'
> ...
> [2024-01-15T15:58:46.037872] Outgoing message; message='bar'
> My hunch is that this probably has something to do with SELinux, but
> unfortunately my knowledge of it is very limited.
> Regards,
> Attila
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