[syslog-ng] Single destination, multiple tcp connections?

Steve Bernacki steve at copacetic.net
Fri Mar 24 17:05:15 UTC 2023

I am running syslog-ng 3.38.1.

I have a scenario where I am receiving logs from hundreds devices over a 
number of different protocols (tcp, udp, tcp/TLS). I perform some 
filtering on these logs and then send them to one or more destinations 
for further processing. Due to the volume of logs being received, the 
destinations are becoming saturated and logs begin queuing up on my end. 
I have memory and disk buffering enabled, but the receiving end isn't 
able to pull logs off quickly enough since they are being funneled 
through a single TCP connection. I'd like to be able to establish some 
number of concurrent tcp connections to a single destination ip:port, 
and balance all of the incoming logs through those connections.

I'm aware of techniques to load balance to destinations using multiple 
channels in a single destination and filtering traffic by the R_MSEC, 
but this technique quickly causes simple configs to balloon to hundreds 
of lines. I suppose this would work even if the destinations are all the 
same (I'd need to use unique persist-name() labels), but is there an 
easier / more straightforward way of accomplishing this?

Thank you.

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