[syslog-ng] Processing orphaned disk queue files

Steve Bernacki steve at copacetic.net
Mon Mar 6 17:31:48 UTC 2023


I am using syslog-ng OSE 3.29. I have two destinations that I recently 
redefined in order to spread load out across a number of receivers. 
However, having done this, I now have orphaned queue files of 
considerable size that I'd like to process through.

I found one reference on how to do this with syslog-ng PE which is 
documented at 
but I'm finding the OSE tools are acting slightly differently, for 
example persist-tool dump prints its output as hex instead of ASCII, as 
is documented in the PDF I linked to above. In addition, the process is 
fairly involved, which makes me nervous to experiment with this.

Looking at the command output for "dqtool --help", I see there are a 
number of commands listed that are not documented anywhere, like 
"relocate" and "assign", which look like they may be helpful to me. Does 
anyone know if these can be used to help me process through these logs?


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