[syslog-ng] Upgrade to 3.31 from 3.19

Balazs Scheidler bazsi77 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 04:42:05 UTC 2021

If all you want is to upgrade syslog-ng, then run the new version with an
unchanged config file (on a separate test system even), and observe
"configuration" change warnings during startup.

The one you'll definitely get is about the '@version' line at the top of
your config. This probably says '@version: 3.19'.

Don't fix the version declaration until you fix the rest of the warnings:
syslog-ng operates in compatibility mode with the old version, and gives
you instructions about what was changed since the old version. These
warnings are emitted during startup, so look for log messages generated by
syslog-ng right after starting up.

For instance, if a default changes between your old version and current
versiony syslog-ng would tell you something like

WARNING: the default for whatever option was changed in syslog-ng 3.25,
please adapt your configuration

What this means is that you might need to be explicit about the setting in
your config and not rely on the default. So add the option and its desired
value to the config explicitly. Or if you thing the new default is ok, just
ignore the message and fix the rest too.

These days the number of config changes is pretty rare, so you might not
have any warnings, except for @version.

Once you handled all the warnings just update @version and you are done.


On Tue, Mar 23, 2021, 00:02 Peter Kokai (pkokai) <
Peter.Kokai at oneidentity.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am not aware such database or tools that can do it out of box. In
> general your old configuration should at least syntax check in newer
> version, and probably even start up without much trouble. If something is
> replaced in the config usually the old option is kept and in the background
> uses the new mechanism.
> There is a tool
> https://github.com/syslog-ng/syslog-ng/blob/master/contrib/config_option_database/syslog-ng-cfg-db.py
> That prints all possible configuration options for destination, parser and
> source currently. But you still need to run this for both version and
> compare.
> The issue with that, the tool was not present in 3.19.1 and just
> copy&paste won't work (tried), some adjustment might be needed.
> I think if you have time to work on, the tool can be tricked into doing
> your use case.
> As far as I am know the tool itself actually uses bison to generate the
> possible tree (xml, and dot format).
> Once converted to a graph, all you need is a way to diff graphs.
> Checking via the diff looks like even more work.
> git diff syslog-ng-3.19.1...syslog-ng-3.31.1 --stat  -- '*-grammar.y*'
> ...
> 49 files changed, 1656 insertions(+), 828 deletions(-)
> --
> kokan
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> I need to know the significant format differences between the
> configuration files for the two versions.  Is there some place I can go to
> get that or some command I can run to convert the file?
> Thanks,
> -Mark
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