[syslog-ng] Tips to diagnose missing syslog messages?

Laszlo Szemere (lszemere) Laszlo.Szemere at oneidentity.com
Mon Jun 14 14:34:09 UTC 2021

Hello Daniel,

 If I understand you correctly: you have a problem that one of your Syslog-ng server is not receiving a log message. (Not that you do not receive a message FROM one of your Syslog-ng server.)

 From my experience: In those cases when someone tries to diagnose an issue where Syslog-ng do not receive a message, it is always a good first step to determine if the message actually reaches Syslog-ng or not.
 i.e.: in case of a network source, try to receive the message with a simple netcat command. (Maybe the message was dropped by a firewall before reaching your machine, and Syslog-ng has nothing to do with it.) At this point we do not really care about the format of the message.

 If you made sure that those messages are reaching the application, we should try to diagnose Syslog-ng itself. For that we will need some information about your setup.
  - your platform
  - version of Syslog-ng (Where it is obtained from? i.e. local build)
  - Related config parts. (including the source driver which is expected to receive the logs)
  - How do you start Syslog-ng? (i.e.: as a service)

Best regards,

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Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have some diagnostic tips to offer to diagnose why syslog messages are not being received?
I have syslog-ng on a few servers but one is losing messages (others syslog-ng servers might be dropping that I am unaware off).
Not sure if there is some options I should add to the conf or diag commands or load specifications I should check?

options {
   create_dirs (yes);
   time_reopen (10);

Also adding the flag-control flag to the log stanza.

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