[syslog-ng] [EXTERNAL] Re: Failover/Hi Availability

Faine, Mark R. (MSFC-IS40)[NICS] mark.faine at nasa.gov
Fri Jan 15 15:51:08 UTC 2021

For now it's just an idea for an improved syslog-ng infrastructure to support Splunk.

Not on the same machine but multiple, at least two servers, each with their own syslog-ng instance, receiving data from dozens of hosts (the same hosts) and yes writing to a shared NFS file system.

The only substantial problem I have left in the (as of now) hypothetical scenario is that I need them all to write to the same location so that if one goes down we don't have to do any manual switching of any sort and none of the data fails to be indexed by Splunk.


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Hi Mark,

Please elaborate a bit more about your architecture. Relevant config parts are also appreciated.

Are there two syslog-ng servers running on the same machine?
Or is it just one syslog-ng instance with two different log sources (on different ports for example), and there is a host which sends to both log sources?
Maybe there are 2 different machines running their own syslog-ng, but using a network shared file system?



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If I have two Syslog-ng servers receiving logs from the same source and writing to the exact same file system destination,  is there a way to do this without running into issues with the two instances clobbering the files or file locking issues?



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