[syslog-ng] message being consistently dropped

Gabor Nagy (gnagy) Gabor.Nagy at oneidentity.com
Tue Sep 1 16:49:51 UTC 2020


Your logs get dropped by the filter "facility(local1)".
The filter does not match on the above log because it cannot be parsed by the syslog-protocol (RFC5424) due to the unescaped brackets in the SDATA.
Due to the failed parsing, your log message has been altered to visualize the parsing errors location:
<43>1 2020-09-01T18:28:24+02:00 localhost syslog-ng 2514 - - Error processing log message: <141>1 2020-08-04T08:10:58.769127-05:00 fqdn.example.com apmd 12374 01490113:5: [F5 at 12276 hostname="fqdn" errdefs_msgno="01490113:5:" partition_name="Common" session_id="1c95e1e7" Access_Profile="/Common/blah" Partition="Common" Session_Id="1c95e1e6" Session_Variable_Name="session.machine_info.last.net_adapter.list.[0>@<].mac_address" Session_Variable_Value="3C:D9:2B:33:9A:8E"] /Common/<blah>:Common:1c95e1e6: session.machine_info.last.net_adapter.list.[0].mac_address is 3C:D9:2B:33:9A:8E

The question is, do you need to parse the message before storing it into a log file? Because we can disable parsing on the source side and the whole message is put into the $MESSAGE macro.
I guess you need some basic parsing, as you filter the messages based on facility.
Do you use this source in other log paths as well?

I'm thinking in a workaround currently, as so far I didn't found a way to overcome this issue.
I would like to emphasize that F5 log format violates the RFC5424 described protocol. This should be reported to them.

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Good morning Gabor, thank you for the info on my syslog-ng issue.

Unfortunately the device in question is “canned” (an F5) and I am pretty sure I cannot change the format it logs with. Is there a simple way to pre-process them so that they don’t get dropped by syslog-ng?



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