[syslog-ng] restart vs reload

Antal Nemes (anemes) Antal.Nemes at oneidentity.com
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You need to set keep-alive(no):

For example:

@version: 3.26

log {
  source { example-msg-generator(num(1)); };
#  destination { network(localhost port(5555) transport(udp) keep-alive(no)); };
  destination { syslog(localhost port(5555) transport(udp) keep-alive(no)); };

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I am trying to dynamically change the output message format between RFC3164 and RFC5424.

root at localhost:~# diff /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf /root/syslog-ng.conf.bak
<     network("" transport("udp") ip-protocol(4) port(514)
>     syslog("" transport("udp") ip-protocol(4) port(514)

If I use: "/usr/sbin/service syslog-ng restart" it works fine, but if I use "/usr/sbin/syslog-ng-ctl reload", the message format does not change.

I am using syslog-ng version 3.19

Any thoughts?

Thanks & Regards,
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