[syslog-ng] Spurious path, logfile not created; path=

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Mon Mar 2 14:39:29 UTC 2020

On 02.03.20 13:53, Antal Nemes (anemes) wrote:
>I don't know why is this happening, but spurious path is the following:
>For each opened file, syslog-ng checks some malicious patterns in the file name for security reason. If an attacker could inject `../../../` like macros, that could lead to write some unwanted system critical files.
>File paths containing `../` or `/..` are called spurious paths in syslog-ng.

that could explain is. macros in this line:


are the dates and times gotten from the message itself, so an attacker can
send message containing suprious characters instead of real date.

if you want to use date/time wen the message was received, use R_* macros
(R_YEAR), or if you want to use date the messahe was processed/written, use
D_* macros (D_YEAR).

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>For one of my hosts, I can see lots of these messages
>Spurious path, logfile not created; path=
>What does it mean exactly? I'm creating files with this macro
>and even for this host, I have all the logs regardless of this message
>I also have messages for the same host like this
>Resource temporarily unavailable (11)
>Here is some more details may help to find out the reasons behind this
>- issue started 9th February (I have a total of 160K entries like this)
>- the filename/path was incorrect during the whole event
>- on 29th the server gone south by consuming lots of CPU and disappeared from the network, console was frozen, so we had to reset the vm
>The host running an old syslog-ng PE
>(syslog-ng-premium-edition 4 LTS (4.0.5a)
>Installer-Version: 4.0.5a
>Revision: ssh+git://ganesa@git.balabit//var/scm/git/syslog-ng/syslog-ng-pe--mainline--4.0#master#457ec2f494a46d62ecf8cd938f12f02cd0ae9e63)
>on RHEL5
>Log sources are simple plain text files contains tomcat and other web server logs
>I have a twin-host with the exact same config and log sources, but I never seen messages like this from that one
>Do you have any idea? To me it looks very mysterious

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