[syslog-ng] Spurious path, logfile not created; path=

Pal, Laszlo vlad at vlad.hu
Mon Mar 2 09:42:40 UTC 2020


For one of my hosts, I can see lots of these messages

*Spurious path, logfile not created; path=*

What does it mean exactly? I'm creating files with this macro


and even for this host, I have all the logs regardless of this message

I also have messages for the same host like this
Resource temporarily unavailable (11)

Here is some more details may help to find out the reasons behind this
- issue started 9th February (I have a total of 160K entries like this)
- the filename/path was incorrect during the whole event
- on 29th the server gone south by consuming lots of CPU and disappeared
from the network, console was frozen, so we had to reset the vm

The host running an old syslog-ng PE
(syslog-ng-premium-edition 4 LTS (4.0.5a)
Installer-Version: 4.0.5a
Revision: ssh+git://ganesa@git.balabit
on RHEL5

Log sources are simple plain text files contains tomcat and other web
server logs

I have a twin-host with the exact same config and log sources, but I never
seen messages like this from that one

Do you have any idea? To me it looks very mysterious

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