[syslog-ng] request for testing: logrotate scripts in Fedora/RHEL packages

Peter Czanik (pczanik) Peter.Czanik at oneidentity.com
Tue Jun 16 12:18:54 UTC 2020


There were multiple tickets, bug reports about logrotate scripts in syslog-ng RPM packages for Fedora/RHEL.


I have now a possible solution available for testing in my git snapshot repo: https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/czanik/syslog-ng-githead/

  *   Installs the same logrotate script on RHEL/CentOS 7 as rsyslog
  *   On RHEL/CentOS 8 and Fedora the logrotate script is called syslog-ng and uses systemctl to reload syslog-ng after rotation, just as the rsyslog variant. It is in a separate subpackage, and installed only when rsyslog is not on the system (for reasons check the RH bugzilla ticket: in short it would not be used anyway due to conflicts)

I tested it on Fedora 32 and CentOS 7, both with and without rsyslog on the system. It worked fine for me, but any feedback is appreciated.

If it is tested to work by someone else than me, I'll push the changes both to the official EPEL package and to the syslog-ng github repo.


Peter Czanik (CzP) <peter.czanik at oneidentity.com>
Balabit (a OneIdentity company) / syslog-ng upstream

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