[syslog-ng] syslog-ng, json and handle escaping properly

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I think the simplest approach would be if you feed a properly formatted json into the source (just add {} brackets to _PRINT_DEBUG). Use json-parser to turn the input into name-value pairs. Then print everything with the format-json template function.

I simulated the json input with example-msg generator for sake of simplicity, but I think similar config could work for your source too.

@version: 3.26

log {
  source { example-msg-generator(num(1) template("{\"category\":\"BOOT\",\"level\":\"INFO\",\"message\":\"Check pstore partition..\"}")); };
  parser { json-parser(); };
  destination { file(/dev/stdout template("$(format-json --key category,level,message timestamp=${ISODATE})\n")); };

This outputs:

{"timestamp":"2020-04-24T12:37:58+02:00","message":"Check pstore partition..","level":"INFO","category":"BOOT"}


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I tried to migrate from syslog to Syslog-ng. I am trying to deploy it on an embedded target
with buildroot. At the same time, I also tried to switch log format to JSON.

In my c code, I use Syslog function and init with the openlog function:
openlog("middleware", 0, LOG_LOCAL1);

I have some macro to generate the json logs:
#define _PRINT_DEBUG(M, ...) \
do { \
syslog(LOG_DEBUG, "\"category\":\"%s\",\"level\":\"DEBUG\",\"message\":\"" M "%s\"}\n", __DIR__, __VA_ARGS__); \
} while (0)

I define a syslog-ng conf file:

@version: 3.2X

filter f_middleware {

template t_json_filetemplate {

source s_kernel {
    file("/proc/kmsg" program_override("kernel"));

source s_middleware {

destination d_kernel {

destination d_middleware {
    file("/data/logs/middleware.log", template(t_json_filetemplate));

log {

log {

So basically I want to redirect all my log from my code in /data/logs/middleware.log. I also want to redirect all kernel logs
in /data/logs/kern.log

I have two issues. The first one is escaping.
If I want to print a JSON file the double quote will be not escaped. My first solution was to use escape feature from Syslog-ng:
destination d_middleware {
        file("/data/logs/middleware.log", template("{\"timestamp\":\"${ISODATE}\",${MESSAGE}\n") template-escape(yes));


Problem is that now everything is escaped and not only the message, some example:
{"timestamp":"2020-04-21T09:24:02+02:00",\"category\":\"BOOT\",\"level\":\"INFO\",\"message\":\"Check pstore partition..\"}
{"timestamp":"2020-04-21T09:24:02+02:00",\"category\":\"BOOT\",\"level\":\"INFO\",\"message\":\"Start hardware watchdog daemon...\"}
{"timestamp":"2020-04-21T09:24:02+02:00",\"category\":\"BOOT\",\"level\":\"INFO\",\"message\":\"Prepare asound configuration...\"}
{"timestamp":"2020-04-21T09:24:02+02:00",\"category\":\"BOOT\",\"level\":\"INFO\",\"message\":\"Middleware is about to start...\"}
{"timestamp":"2020-04-21T09:24:03+02:00",\"category\":\"BOOT\",\"level\":\"INFO\",\"message\":\"Load sdma firmware..\"}
{"timestamp":"2020-04-21T09:24:03+02:00",\"category\":\"BOOT\",\"level\":\"INFO\",\"message\":\"Watchdog is about to start...\"}
{"timestamp":"2020-04-21T09:24:03+02:00",\"category\":\"BOOT\",\"level\":\"INFO\",\"message\":\"Start mpu watchdog..\"}

As you can see, everything is escaped because for Syslog-ng, everything is the message and not only the final part. I feel like I am completely
using Syslog-ng in the wrong way right? How can I fix that? Do I have to handle escaping by myself manually in my middleware?
Do I have to pre-process all logs manually by myself? It seems quite awful.

I have a second issue which is probably related? When I tried to print the content of a file, the last '}' is truncated. The reason seems to be related
to the presence of \n. I can reproduce the issue by just calling my PRINT_DEBUG macro as follow:


The result:

{"timestamp":"2020-04-21T09:24:03+02:00",\"category\":\"MPU_CORE\",\"level\":\"DEBUG\",\"message\":\"YO YO YO KO
{"timestamp":"2020-04-21T09:24:03+02:00",\"category\":\"MPU_CORE\",\"level\":\"DEBUG\",\"message\":\"YO YO YO OK\"}

My syslog version/module information :

# syslog-ng -V -s
syslog-ng 3 (3.26.1)
Config version: 3.22
Installer-Version: 3.26.1
Compile-Date: Apr 10 2020 16:41:46
Module-Directory: /usr/lib/syslog-ng
Module-Path: /usr/lib/syslog-ng
Include-Path: /usr/share/syslog-ng/include
Available-Modules: add-contextual-data,affile,afprog,afsocket,afstomp,afuser,appmodel,azure-auth-header,basicfuncs,cef,confgen,cryptofuncs,csvparser,dbparser,disk-buffer,examples,graphite,hook-commands,ht
Enable-Debug: off
Enable-GProf: off
Enable-Memtrace: off
Enable-IPv6: on
Enable-Spoof-Source: off
Enable-TCP-Wrapper: off
Enable-Linux-Caps: off
Enable-Systemd: off

- Arthur LAMBERT
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