[syslog-ng] Generating configuration blocks for Option

Peter Kokai (pkokai) Peter.Kokai at oneidentity.com
Thu May 23 13:22:49 UTC 2019


@Sezer Baglan: this is just a summary of our e-mails, I got my access to the list back :-)

I think every context that support plugins should be supported via generator plugins as well (such as confgen and block).
As of now the global options (options context) does not work with them, but that is imho a bug, and here is a possible fix for it:


There is also a context called *root*, which is the default (without using and keywords) with that you can replace even the whole config file with some generator script if you want to.


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Dear all,

In Syslog-ng Administration Guide document there is a statement give as below:
"The context option determines the type of the configuration snippet that the script generates, and must be one of the following: destination, filter, log, parser, rewrite, root, source. "

>From this statement, we understand that we cannot use "option" type during auto generation of conf. blocks.

Why do not we have "Option" type? How can we  generate "option" blocks via scripts?

Kind regards,

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