[syslog-ng] use loggen to insert content of a file into local log file

Lin, Victor victor.lin at rbc.com
Thu Mar 14 01:04:28 UTC 2019

Hello Fabien,

 Udp 5514 be listening  by syslog-ng  and write the info into  /app/syslog-ng/output/AAA.log 
Here is from syslog-ng.conf
source s_AAA_network {
destination d_cppm_logs {
        network("192.168.22. 39" port(5514) transport(udp) spoof_source(yes));

log {

I can see both AAA.log and remote server 192.168.22. 39 can receive the syslog messages.

  When I run a test command below, I got the following output
/app/syslog-ng/bin/loggen -D localhost 5514 "test test test"
count=1864, rate = 963.75 msg/sec
count=2348, rate = 967.19 msg/sec
count=2830, rate = 963.87 msg/sec
count=3314, rate = 967.87 msg/sec
count=3796, rate = 963.87 msg/sec
count=4280, rate = 967.41 msg/sec
count=4762, rate = 963.75 msg/sec
count=5246, rate = 967.87 msg/sec
count=5728, rate = 963.87 msg/sec
count=6212, rate = 967.87 msg/sec
count=6694, rate = 963.71 msg/sec
count=7177, rate = 965.46 msg/sec
count=7660, rate = 965.70 msg/sec
count=8142, rate = 963.74 msg/sec
count=8626, rate = 967.71 msg/sec
count=9108, rate = 963.85 msg/sec
count=9590, rate = 963.84 msg/sec
count=10074, rate = 966.30 msg/sec
count=10554, rate = 959.80 msg/sec
average rate = 1055.01 msg/sec, count=10554, time=10.0037, (average) msg size=256, bandwidth=263.75 kB/sec

but I didn't see "test test test" been  writen into /app/syslog-ng/output/AAA.log

Do I using  the correct format of loggen command? 

Thank you very much!


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On Wed, Mar 06, 2019 at 01:35:02PM +0000, Lin, Victor wrote:
>   Could anyone can give an example of using loggen to insert content of a file into  a local log file ?

you could use loggen to send to a specific port, on which syslog-ng would be listening, then create a log statement sendîng to that file, e.g. off the top of my head:

log {
  source {
  destination {

loggen -D "blah blah blah" localhost 1234


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