[syslog-ng] Check if field in message and use default if not.

Péter, Kókai peter.kokai at oneidentity.com
Tue Mar 5 06:08:17 UTC 2019


You could use rewrite rule for this, but in fact macro expansion is capable
to solve your problem: `${.cake:-no-cake}` where if `.cake` exists uses its
value, otherwise the string after `:-`

@version: 3.20

log {
        source { stdin(flags(no-parse)); };
        parser { kv-parser(prefix(".")); };
        rewrite { set("[${.cake:-no-cake}]" value("MESSAGE")); };
        #destination { file("/dev/stdout"
template("${.cake:-undefined}\n")); };
        destination { file("/dev/stdout"); };

As the result you could either use rewrite/set to add the value to the msg
itself (other destination/parser/filter could use it), or you could just
use it directly in the destination macro expansion.
It really depends on your setup which place you should prefer.


On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 12:56 AM Ronald Fenner <rfenner at gamecircus.com>

> I generate a Kafka topic to send the message to by doing:
> topic("${topic}.${environment}")
> What I'd like to do if the field wasn't in the json message to provide a
> default value.
> Im looking for like a tertiary operator to use In the topic or perhaps a
> rewrite rule.
> I see the conditional expressions but from the docs it doesn't look like I
> can use it in the topic or a rewrite rule
> NOTE: My messages are json stings that get parsed and then imploded back
> to json as it's sent.
> Thanks
> Ronald Fenner
> Network Architect
> Game Circus LLC.
> rfenner at gamecircus.com
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