[syslog-ng] Difficulty with Elasticsearch Destination

Peter Kokai (pkokai) Peter.Kokai at oneidentity.com
Sun Jun 16 06:44:14 UTC 2019


Please check which version of the documentation you use, most likely you obtained the latest instead of 3.8.1 (your version).

The elasticsearch-http was introduced in the  https://github.com/balabit/syslog-ng/releases/tag/syslog-ng-3.21.1 see the release notes.


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Greetings all:

I recently installed syslog-ng on my Debian 9 system. I have tested syslog-ng with a file destination and everything seemed fine. Now, I am attempting?? to set the destination to my local Elasticsearch instance. However, I am receiving the following error:

Error parsing destination, destination plugin elasticsearch-http not found in /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf at line 44, column 1:



My configuration, based on the documentation:

?? index("syslog")
?? type("test")
?? url("http:/localhost:9200/_bulk"<http:/localhost:9200/_bulk>));

Output of syslog-ng --version:

syslog-ng 3.8.1
Installer-Version: 3.8.1
Revision: 3.8.1-10
Module-Directory: /usr/lib/syslog-ng/3.8
Module-Path: /usr/lib/syslog-ng/3.8
Available-Modules: disk-buffer,redis,date,afstomp,afprog,afsocket,pseudofile,confgen,csvparser,afsql,kvformat,geoip-plugin,afuser,afsmtp,system-source,mod-python,afamqp,riemann,linux-kmsg-format,dbparser,basicfuncs,syslogformat,graphite,afmongodb,json-plugin,cryptofuncs,affile,sdjournal,cef,add-contextual-data
Enable-Debug: off
Enable-GProf: off
Enable-Memtrace: off
Enable-IPv6: on
Enable-Spoof-Source: on
Enable-TCP-Wrapper: on
Enable-Linux-Caps: off

I saw no indication in the documentation that any special modules/plugins needed to be loaded to use Elasticsearch as the destination. Any pointers as to what the issue is would be appreciated.??

Kelly Marchewa
kelly_marchewa at yahoo.com<mailto:kelly_marchewa at yahoo.com>
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